Treatment for Trauma & Violence

When Trauma and/or Violence occurs in a person’s life it interrupts their normal growth and functioning. Our sense of who we are is disrupted. We no longer experience ourselves as grounded. We might begin to suffer from debilitating symptoms. The path to healing might seem like a mountain that we do not have enough strength to climb.
Our three stage treatment approach guides the individual and family down the path of recovery. We help clients learn more about the people in their lives, the patterns of behavior that can be hurtful and about themselves in order to grow and change. We work with our clients to have renewed faith in their world and confidence in themselves.

Traumatic Stress as a Result of Violence

Sexual Abuse, Incest, Rape Counseling, Domestic Violence:
We are able to help you get through the trauma of violence, sexual abuse, incest, and rape. Whether you are a childhood survivor of these traumas or these acts are currently happening in your life, our clinicians can help you.

Male Survivors of Pastoral Sexual Abuse

This treatment is designed to help men who have survived experiences of childhood sexual abuse. Education and support are provided to enable the clients to 1) cope with their traumas with less avoidance and denial 2) stop the emotional swing between numbing and dissociation and rage and impulsivity, and 3) process issues of guilt, sadness, anger, survivor guilt, shame, and loss.