Relationship And Marriage Counseling

Life is complicated. It is hard to create and maintain healthy relationships with those we love the most. There are many different thoughts and feelings, from the past and present, that exist in all of our interactions with one another.

It isn’t always simple, whether we are trying to effectively communicate feelings, establish rules for the household, navigate the waters of intimacy, guide our children toward a successful future or simply attempting to provide a healthy meal while working, studying, and cleaning. The world and our family lives are increasingly more complex. Though we all have the tools within ourselves and within our relationships to create thelives we want.

Through our psychotherapy approaches whether parenting coaching, couples or family therapy, we will help you identify the resilience necessary to get you through and develop the skills needed to create the life you and your family desire and deserve.

Relationships Therapy, Marriage Counseling

We can help you create and sustain a close, honest and mutually satisfying relationship you deserve. Whether you are struggling with profoundly serious relational patterns, sexual challenges, communication problems, or just a few bumps in your road, our method of couples counseling can move you from pain, silence or anger to passion, restoration and love.

Use the menu as ideas to discuss with your therapist your specific desires and goals to create the relationship you want.

There is no problem too difficult, too deep, or too ingrained that cannot benefit from counseling. No matter what stage in your relationship, from the first spark to healing ongoing wounds we can help.

Communication Therapy

All couples create negative patterns of communication that they wish were different. We get more frustrated with our partners than we want. We can help you address your issues in a safe environment in order to open communications, be heard by your partner and learn how to ask for and get what you need. We treat both partners with equal respect regardless of gender, marital stature, or offending behaviors.

One form of communication pattern that is often most frustrating for couples is when one person shuts down and the other then pursues with rising intensity. This therapy is specifically designed to open the channels of communication in order to create balance between the partners.

Sexual Fulfillment Therapy

Does your relationship not satisfy you sexually? Do you feel you can address this with your partner comfortably? We are experts in assisting couples to find sexual fulfillment and overcome barriers that might keep you separate. We will provide a respectful, safe, and professional environment to explore your intimate difficulties.

Couples Struggling

Are you hanging on by a thread, trying to make it in the marriage just until the kids turn 18? Are you afraid or unprepared to leave, but can’t imagine staying? Do you ask yourself, “Is this all there is?” but don’t know how to make it better? Let us help. There is no problem too serious to work with.

Gay & Lesbian Couples

Same-sex relationships are challenged by a unique set of issues, created by our world, vulnerabilities, and strengths. We can help in working with LGBTQ couples to heal wounds, empower change, open communications and restore sex and love.

Healing Childhood Wounds in Relationships

We all come with a history into the present relationship. When the wounds of your past wreaks havoc on your current relationship, we can help identify and heal unresolved issues so that your future is not defined by your past.