Consultation Services

As mental health providers we are often brought in to consult on various subjects that have a psychological component. Our practice is no different.

Integrated Care Consultation

Our Founder has provided consultation on Integrating Behavioral Health and Medical care over the last 16 years. She has assessed patient wait times in clinic and behavioral health settings, as well as, patient improvement rates and employee satisfaction rates.

Employee Satisfaction

Given the large rate of dissatisfied and underperforming employees there is a need to do a thorough evaluation or assessment of what brings about that dissatisfaction. We have assisted hospital and clinic systems in evaluating and training their employees and administration on ways to improve performance by changing the systems and increasing good communication.

Preschool and Head Start Consultation

Many companies are faced with needing to ensure that their programs live up to the high standards set forth in their industry to be competitive with other service providers. Preschools and Head Start programs are no different. Given our expertise in serving the 3-5 year old we are well versed in assessing classroom settings and their students/teachers to ensure that all tools are being used and identified to ensure solid standards are being achieved and integrated.