Melody Chen, LCPC

“To ask the right question is already half the solution of a problem.”
– Carl Jung
I treate people who are struggling with:
Anxiety, depression, trauma, stage of life issues, family and couple’s issues, child behavioral problems, stress related to systemic factors (e.g. minority groups, immigrants)
I work with:
Children, adolescents, adults
My approach includes:
Humanistic, psychodynamic, family systems, multicultural, CBT, EMDR
English, Mandarin
I can see you at these locations:
Oak Park, Chicago

Melody Chen, M.S.Ed, LCPC, is a clinical counselor with experience working with a diverse client population in a variety of settings, including community mental health, home-based therapy, crisis intervention and residential treatment. Her clients presented with issues ranging from adjustment disorder, ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, complex trauma, autism spectrum disorders to psychosis.

Melody is culturally sensitive and believes in professional yet authentic human contact. She is passionate about addressing mental health issues with a collaborative, strength-based, and humanistic approach to promote problem-solving, self-awareness and resilience. She draws from her eastern cultural background the practice of mindfulness and distress tolerance, while incorporating the well-established knowledge on attachment by western psychology to help clients develop skills in symptom management, as well as healing from emotionally/psychologically damaging experiences in life.

In addition to individual work, Melody also takes into consideration contextual factors that contribute to clients’ difficulties. That is why she collaborated frequently with schools, doctors, Department of Child and Family Services and probation, and explores external resources to strive for optimal treatment outcomes.

Melody is bilingual, proficient in English and Mandarin Chinese.