“Over the last few years, I have experienced a particularly tumultuous period in my life. I struggled with finding a therapist who had a balanced mix of compassion, ability to help me gain new perspectives and guidance on how to proactively make the changes in my life. In a 3 year period, I saw 4-5 different therapists and just as I was almost burned out from the process, a trusted friend recommended Jennifer to me. Jennifer’s eclectic approach is very personalized and empowering. From our first sessions, her engaging style made me feel like she was truly invested in my healing and recovery. She is a highly skilled therapist and is the only one I’ve ever seen that her sessions never get stale. Her ability to see the truth and reality in a situation and guide me to best solutions which build upon my set of strengths is among one of the many benefits I receive from our sessions. In addition, I am particularly impressed with Jennifer’s resourcefulness. She has aligned herself with a high quality network of individuals from which she can refer me to if I am looking for particular doctors, therapists and other professionals. She keeps herself aware and up-to-date on the latest treatment options and support groups. Jennifer has helped me find myself and keeps me moving in a positive, healthy direction.”


“I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder more than 20 years ago and have worked with many therapists. I started working with Jennifer several years ago, and she is my favorite. When I met her, I had recently finished an extensive out-patient treatment program but was still dealing with severe depression. She has worked closely with me and my psychiatrist regarding my depression. She also makes sure that I tackle my bipolar disorder from both the medication and the emotional side.

Recently, my father had a year of severe health issues; I contracted Bell’s palsy which left part of my face paralyzed; and my condo is in foreclosure. Jennifer has been there for me every step of the way. She helps me better understand my emotions and figure out the best way to work through them and with them. Effective treatment takes time, but with Jennifer I always know her goal is to help me improve not keep coming week after week.”


“We came to Innovative Counseling Partners through a recommendation from a good friend’s therapist. My son had lost his previous counselor and we desperately needed a new one. We all know how hard it is to find the right fit in these matters, but we were very pleased with how Jennifer Froemel helped us, and very pleased to have found Lolita Aguinaga. She has been open, kind, intelligent, interested and extremely helpful to our son. The practice is serious, professional and, most of all, friendly. We couldn’t be happier.”


“As parents it is natural to see all the beautiful and amazing things that our children do. As a parent I could see those things in my child. I knew them to be there because I saw the glimmers of them. Everyone else that my son came in contact with could not. At 7 years old, he was angry, defiant, and yes at times he would physically harm himself or others. My husband and I saw our child retreating more and more into a world or anger and hate. We saw our child struggle not only at school but at home. Then something amazing happened. We took our child into meet with Lolita at Innovative Counseling Partners. She developed a strong relationship with my son and implemented coping strategies to reduce my child’s anger and tantrums. My child no longer lashes out in anger where he hits and throws things. He is able to calm himself with out throwing himself to the floor or banging his head off the wall. I am no longer getting daily phone calls to come to school to calm him or take him home. He is no longer the child that everyone in the room immediately blames for all wrong doing. Now, his teachers and peers are able to see the bright and creative boy. Although, there are still some struggles and yes, at times some setbacks, I can see a much brighter future for my son. I will forever be grateful to Lolita for not only helping my child but in helping our entire family to blossom and to heal.”

Jesus really helps me. I have had a lot of therapy off and on over decades (I have been on antidepressants for 28 years and cannot go off them) but never really like it is with him. I don’t know exactly how he does it, especially since sometimes it just feels awful in the moment. He seems to have a skillful sense for just when to use certain specific approaches with me. Sometimes it can be very nerve wracking in the moment, but he’s very patient and calm. Maybe most of all, it feels like he’s on my side and I can trust him, even or maybe especially when it feels like we’re heading down a path I don’t really want to go or which feels very unknown and frightening. Something about his gentleness coaxes me along. Maybe because even though I know he doesn’t really know what it’s like for me (and I appreciate his honesty in admitting that), he maintains a presence that is reassuring and nonconfrontational even as I confront whatever it is. Yet, I can’t explain why or how, his therapeutic demeanor also seems somehow protective, too, as if he can and will pull me back if I derail myself off an emotional cliff or suddenly I’m way over my head if we go somewhere foreign or unexpected in the process. I don’t know if it’s a natural gift he has or a product of long clinical experience with very troubled people, or some special combination of both. But he’s helped me a lot more and in some ways faster than I expected or would have thought possible. I spent 3 years seeing another therapist I found through my work EAP before I gave up and with her I didn’t make the progress I’ve made (or it feels like I’ve made, maybe) that I have in one year with Jesus. I don’t know why he took me on, but it has been weirdly fruitful to break down and completely lose my shit in his calm presence. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through the last year if I had not been able to see him, because in many ways I was just barely holding on to my job, even though that was pretty much all I had left. I really appreciate his… well, I really appreciate *him*, but I guess I appreciate whatever skills /talents /experience gives Jesus his ability to gently nudge me to pry myself open a little and his compassion with my terror when I realize that that’s what I’ve done. Whatever his skills set – and he seems to have a fairly nimble ability to pick the right approach in the moment – it doesn’t feel like something that can merely be taught… but that he has a gift for it, too. I am very grateful despite my uncertainty about what we’re doing or where it is going at times (since sometimes it is unlike any other talk psychotherapy I’ve done) and just feeling safe rather than cornered under those circumstances is something of a victory.

I would like to take the time to say a few kind words about my therapist Todd. He truly helped me in a time I thought that my world was falling apart. He made me realize that no matter what the situation may end up being in the end that I’d be ok. He gave me tools to learn how to use in my everyday relationship with my husband and my children. Sometimes it takes an outside person to help you realize that you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. I am forever thankful for his services. He has kept in contact with me to make sure that I’m still doing well and that if I ever needed him for therapy again that he was only a phone call away. It helps to know that you can open up all your fears and past experiences to someone who knows nothing about you and that they are held to a higher standard to not judge you but to be there to help guide you in a better direction. Never think less of yourself for getting outside help and if you ever need someone as in a therapist LOOK up Todd!!